Dear Members,

We have set the date for the BTC AGM. It will take place on 20 July 2020 at Baptist Church Hall Blackheath – 6pm

All registered financial members of the Blackheath Theatre are eligible to vote at BTC meetings. You are also eligible to nominate for a position of office bearer or general member on the BTC Committee. The Committee, nominated and elected at the end of the 20 July AGM meeting, will be responsible for guiding and implementing the vision and business of the BTC until the next AGM – likely to be in June 2021.

As before we encourage you to encourage any of your family or friends or contacts to join and support the BTC. This year’s membership subscription is valid for 2020 and right through to the end of 2021.

AGM Proposed Agenda:              

  • Welcome — Apologies
  • Motion to adopt the previous meeting minutes (copies available on request)
  • Matters arising
  • Motion A: Only existing financial members (taken out at least seven (7) days before) will be eligible to vote at a General Meeting
  • Motion B: No proxy voting to be permitted at a General Meeting
  • President’s report – Motion C to adopt report
  • Treasurer’s report – Motion D – to adopt Treasurer’s report
  • Election of BTC Committee officers and members
  • Motion E: Owing to the postponement of the 2020 program, the existing BTC Committee remain the same until the next AGM

Sabine Erika