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Thursday 25 April - Sunday 28 April 2024

An Inspector Calls


By JB Priestley

Blackheath Theatre Company presents this exciting mysterious play in late April 2024.

Directed by SABINE ERIKA

Assistant Director, PETA TOPPANO

Starring RALPH ANDREWS as the Inspector

Supported by a stellar cast, Marty O’Neill, Liz de Koster, Dominique Zanolla, Eddie McKenzie, Tim Bond and Isabella Lawrence

Production crew: Gail Stephenson, Elizabeth Giddey, Myra Hutton

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Short Plays

Short Plays


TWO CHAIRS by Lucy Twomey, a session between a councillor and her client who is filled with resentment  and anger about his father. The play deals with the complexities of family relationships.

SHAFTED by Timothy Fahey, a black comedy in which a sales rep fights to maintain his job in a company which is about to fire him.

TEA-TIME IN LIMBO by Mark O’Flynn, two women conversing without listening to each other.

VARIATIONS by David Caplice, An aspirational concert pianist reflects on the path her life has taken since realising her dream was no longer a reality. That was until one day.

Short Play Director: Liz de Koster

To be performed in July