Comprehensive and inclusive. That best describes the Blackheath Theatre Company’s Professional Development Program for 2021.  An exciting and enticing series of six workshops, starting on April 17, is open for enrolment to members and non-members.

The workshops will fire up participants’ understanding and enjoyment of the wonderful and demanding range of skills which live theatre encompasses. They underpin the BTC vision: To establish a widely recognised centre of excellence for community theatre, based in Blackheath, which aims to provide a centre for personal growth in the primary theatrical arts.

Chris Watts, our Professional Development Director, has created a programme aimed at encouraging, educating, and enthusing participants who sign up for all six workshops. Chris explains that the workshop series is intended to introduce a wide range of interdependent disciplines. Participants will benefit from attending multiple workshop events – ideally all 6 workshops. However, Chris also encourages individuals to recognise their particular field of interest and sign up for the specific workshops that they may more fully wish to explore in the future.

The workshops start with basic concepts and preliminary skills in a wide variety of areas.

  • 17 April – Elements of Production Design
  • 10 July – Publicity and Marketing
  • 14-15 August – The Actor prepares— from Method to Meisner
  • 30 October – Voice for the Actor
  • 31 October – Voice for the Singer
  • 20-21 November – The Actor at Work

Planned activities will include short multi–media lectures; directed group discussion; short individual reading/writing assignments, short rehearsal/performances.

NOTE: Membership of the Blackheath Theatre Company is just $20 per year. Hard to beat in terms of real theatrical value. Especially since anyone wishing to enrol in workshops is encouraged to become a member as an additional $10 per workshop will be charged for non- members. Senior school students are a critical and welcome element for the BTC’s future. They are welcome to enrol at the discounted price.
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David Hobbs has tertiary qualifications in education and theatre subjects. He has extensive administrative, teaching, and creative experience with Castle Hill Players, Woy Woy Little Theatre, Laycock Street Theatre Company.

Paulina Kelly has tertiary qualifications in the theatrical arts and an active professional acting experience with a number of established companies in the Sydney area.

Gaye McFarlane is a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Operatic Arts, enjoying a long career both in Australia and Europe performing leading roles in opera, musicals, and cabaret.  Gaye is currently the Artistic Director of the Blackheath Theatre Company.

Brian Twomey has worked as a journalist in London; as a copywriter, speechwriter in Boston, New York and Washington and as senior public relations counsel with some of Australia’s leading communications consultancies.

Workshops will have limited numbers so booking is essential.

Workshop details and booking form are attached.

Direct all enquiries to Christine Watts, Professional Development Director, mobile 0412917753

 Blackheath Theatre Company

Workshop Program 2021

17 April: ELEMENTS OF PRODUCTION (4 hours) David Hobbs

  • Elements of production design
  • Purpose, co-ordination, influences – presentation, advertising, set, lighting, costume, movement
  • Designing from a script
  • Styles of design
  • Practical exercises – diagrams, models, simulated lighting

10 July: PUBLICITY AND MARKETING (4 hours) Brian Twomey

  • Press releases & editorial
  • Display ads, posters, flyers, programs
  • Social media & practical action
  • Photo shoots
  • Liaising with booking offices

14 – 15 August: THE ACTOR PREPARES (8 hours) Paulina Kelly

  • Discover techniques actors use to deliver authentic performances
  • How to use the lived experience to develop one’s emotional range
  • Explore and strengthen one’s imagination and improvisational skills
  • Work with a scene partner to cultivate truthful interactions

30 October: VOICE FOR THE ACTOR (4 hours) Paulina Kelly

  • Learn breathing techniques to amplify and project your voice
  • How to express emotions through voice
  • Understand where you voice gets blocked and how to free it
  • How to complete a physical and voice warm up

31 October: VOICE FOR THE SINGER (4 hours) Gaye MacFarlane

The vocal workshop will be designed for beginners as well as those with some singing experience and will include:

  • Basic vocal technique principles
  • Breathing, posture and preparing to sing
  • Physiology and how it is responsible for the production of different sounds
  • How interpretation and music complement each other
  • Building a song

20 – 21 November: THE ACTOR AT WORK (8 hours) David Hobbs

  • Audition and rehearsal preparations
  • Audition and rehearsal conventions and practices
  • Blocking as an element of design
  • Skills for moving around the stage
  • Practical sessions in rehearsal and auditioning

    Tick which workshops you are booking
    Christine Watts Professional Development Director mobile 0412 917753

    Name of Workshop

    Elements of Production Design (4 hrs) 17 April 2021

    Publicity and Marketing (4 hrs) 10 July 2021

    Acting – Meisner (8 hrs) 14 and 15 August 2021

    Voice for the Actor (4 hrs) 30 October 2021

    Vocal/singing workshop (4 hrs) 31 October 2021

    The Actor at Work (8 hrs) 20 and 21 November 2021

    Interview with Christine Watts, on Blackheath Theatre Company’s workshops programme

    Blackheath Theatre Company’s 2021 Workshop Program

    Photos by Kylie Blakemore

    Professional Development Program
    Professional Development Program
    Professional Development Program